It’s Official (via London): Caltech’s #1

Oct 27, 2011

“Who me?”
“Yes, you.”
“Couldn’t be.”
“Then, who?”

It’s certainly not Harvard; not this year.

It’s you, Caltech!

The California Institute of Technology has achieved number one in the World University Rankings as accorded by the Times Higher Education magazine in London.

Thirteen “performance indicators” that represent teaching, citations, international outlook, industry statistics, research budgets, and research impact are included in the data used to determine which university will take the top honors.

Caltech actually shares the top rank with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but because as English majors we know that “C” comes before “M,” Caltech holds the top spot when looking at the listing on the magazine’s website.

Actually, our state figures quite prominently overall with four universities making the top ten. UC Berkeley comes in at number four; Stanford takes fifth; and UCLA places eighth. Not too shabby, California.

Since Caltech is significantly smaller (enrolling just 2,200 students) and offers less in the way of academic choices, Caltech President Jean-Lou Chameau was particularly pleased. “It shows how good our student and faculty are to get such a ranking without being a comprehensive university, Chameau said.

Congratulations, Caltech. You’re #1. Wear it with pride.



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