It’s About Bloomin’ Time

Feb 18, 2013

DSC_0034The glories of Southern California—blooming trees and flowers in mid-February while the Upper Mid-West prepares for another snow storm.

Not that snow is not a joy in its own way, and we are going to get a taste of winter temps with a low of 41º on Wednesday morning (cuddle up!), but the magnolias are in bloom, as well as some roses, jasmine, and camellias. Lately, our days have been spectacular.

The tree we’re showing today, we’re not sure what it is. A quick look around the internet (honestly though, what is ever a quick look around on the internet; first it’s just one site, then before we even know it, we’ve visited a dozen; just one more image, one more story; hey, wait, we’re not even on topic anymore!—and another hour is history)…we’re guessing that our pics are of a seamless flowering plum.

We say that with no level of confidence, by the way. Please feel free to take us to task and instill us with your knowledge.










The pathway is coated with these small white petals—a white dusting that never melts.


The image below (a white camellia?) is not a part of the tree, obviously, but it was so elegant…


On the way back from shooting, we heard growls, hissing, and screechy caterwauling. By the time we came upon the scene, the felines had gone their separate ways, but one of the neighborhood cats—easily identifiable because he’s rather large with very long hair—appeared to have been separated from his dearly beloved fur. Despite the appearance that he was on the wrong end of this fight, we’re fairly certain Oscar held his own—and maybe is feeling a bit lighter.


All photos by Kat Ward




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