How About Suburban Homesteading?

Feb 19, 2011

It’s been oh so entertaining to follow the national kerfuffle around Pasadena’s Dervaes family and their announcement that they have trademarked the terms “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading” and that they intend to legally enforce said trademarks. This came, of course, as a great surprise to the nationally known authors (and nearby Silver Lake residents) of the successful book The Urban Homestead, not to mention the zillions of others who use the term freely, in the same way that we’re all tossing about (to excess) such words as “locavore” and “sustainable.” And it came as a surprise to us longtime neighbors (yes, we can walk to their urban homestead) that they’re known by a name other than Path to Freedom, which is what they’ve called their operation for years. (See our book At Home Pasadena for an up close look at the Dervaes family and their homesteading operation.)

Hmm, one might make the case that claiming a hugely popular term all for yourself is a serious deviation from walking the path to freedom. But maybe that’s just our interpretation.

Here’s the latest report on the issue from the on-top-of-it blog Squid Ink.

Here’s Larry Wilson’s amusing column on the situation.

Here’s the new and fast-growing Facebook page, Take Back Urban Home-steading(s)

And here’s the online petition asking the Dervaeses to relinquish this bit of ridiculousness.

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  1. How About Suburban Homesteading? #DumptheDervaes

  2. Marcy says:

    Found something interesting on the subject. Read



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