Hot Lips’s SwitHearts

Feb 12, 2017

loretta-swit-birthday-ftrAs most people know, Loretta Swit is famous for her role as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on the iconic M*A*S*H TV show from 1972 until the series ended in 1983.

Since then, Swit has been a guest star on TV series’, hosted the 26-part series Those Incredible Animals on the Discovery Channel, written a needlepoint book, and she runs her own line of jewelry, paints, and advocates for animals in need of care, compassion, and shelter.

SwitHeart is the 79-year-old Swit’s newly released book of watercolors and drawings, the proceeds from which will benefit charities and programs committed to ending animal suffering and cruelty. She’s been painting since she was six years old, she told Nicki Gostin of Fox News in January, and said that her love of animals and advocacy are the same passion.


Photo by Gene Baur at

Photo by Gene Baur at


"The Rookie" painted by Loretta Swit to raise money for the Search Dog Rescue Foundation, 2012

The Rookie painted by Loretta Swit to raise money for the Search Dog Rescue Foundation, 2012


Swit will be at Vroman’s on February 15, presenting SwitHeart: The Watercolor Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit, which was written in collaboration with graphic designer/author Mies Hora. The book features 65 full-color paintings and drawings, and 22 photographs.

The centerfold of the book has a photo of the star sitting next to an alligator yawning widely in all his toothy glory, and another shows Swit face to face with a large grizzly bear who gave her a lick just after the photo was taken.
—Jed Ryan,, Jan. 27, 2017




Find more details about Swit’s journey at


Loretta Swit’s SwitHeart
Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m.
Vroman’s, 693 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91101
Free event
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Regarding Major Houlihan:

She was a tremendous role model.… She was an inspiration to young women. She was a raging feminist working in a man’s world and being her own person. Being strong and having integrity. 




L'Aube by Loretta Swit

L’Aube by Loretta Swit







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