Jul 25, 2016

IMG_1562 (1)Dear Hometown Pasadena reader:

I have some news, which I’m sorry to share as Hometown Pasadena readers and subscribers have been so supportive of this online magazine. I am taking a hiatus. For about five weeks (more or less).

My 82-year-old mother has been fighting breast cancer, though it’s toward the end of treatment. Thankfully, she’s doing quite well, but my 84-year-old dad has just been diagnosed with stage 4 jaw cancer. It’s pretty serious and we’re in the process of meeting numerous doctors and determining a path of treatment and whether surgery is even possible. They live in Santa Barbara and the reality is they will need a lot of support, which I am grateful to offer, and I am the daughter who lives the closest.

Also, I’ve had to take a second job, a new project, as Hometown Pasadena advertising income is unable to support my household. Currently, we’re at a critical juncture with this project and I need to focus more time on the matter. And finally, my daughter is heading to her freshman year of college in a few weeks and I’ll be driving her up to Tacoma, Washington, which will take about six days in total.

All of this adds up to the fact that it’s been impossible for me to write 16 new stories every week. I expect this hiatus in publishing Hometown Pasadena will last only for the month of August—so like the European’s vacation!

I will be sending a free newsletter to subscribers once I put together the next edition of Hometown Pasadena; I’m aiming for the first week of September. I apologize for this break in publishing. Taking a hiatus has been a painful decision to make, but at this point I’m finding I just can’t do it all.

I’m so grateful for the encouragement and support from readers who find Hometown Pasadena a valuable entity and I look forward to continuing to create a worthwhile publication in the very near future.

Best regards,


Kat Ward
Publisher, Hometown Pasadena




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