Great Scott, It's a Great Egret!

Jan 18, 2009

This weekend as the TV brought us the (fabulous) Inaugural concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and the Steelers playing in Pittsburgh, I watched people shivering in the bitter cold and reflected on yesterday’s walk in the Arroyo. My friend Bob Goldstein had never walked in the Arroyo before, so Molly the labradoodle and I took Bob and his little buddy Ray for an Arroyo walk. It was a glorious day, the low sun keeping it t-shirt warm, the light angled and velvety, the water in the restored streams just begging the dogs to leap in.

I took them on the full loop, and when we approached the Casting Pond at walk’s end, I couldn’t believe my eyes: a Great Egret right there in the water. I’ve walked in the Arroyo hundreds of times and have seen tons of red-tailed hawks, but never an egret. A couple of longtime regulars were watching the bird in awe. Bob, being the imaging professional he is, whipped out his camera and got this shot.

When the egret spied the dogs, it flapped its great wings and moved to the safety of a tree branch, waiting for us to leave so it could enjoy the pond in peace on this summer’s day in winter. And so we did.

1 Response for “Great Scott, It's a Great Egret!”

  1. Petrea says:

    Now I know what it is! I’ve seen a bird like this north of Devil’s Gate Dam. Same one? I don’t know, but it has a similar distaste for dogs.



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