Golden Eagle in Altadena

Nov 15, 2010

Photo courtesy First Peoples

Thanks to our friend Timothy Rutt at Altadenablog for sharing this remarkable post yesterday:

Reader M. Stifel saw an ornithological prize this afternoon:

Top of the Evening!

My husband and I spent a great part of the day outside, enjoying the weather and scenery.  We live near Holliston and Mendocino.  We couldn’t help but notice that our normally very noisy and very present birds were all MIA.  It was almost eerie (not aerie).  Suddenly, we saw a flock of ravens soaring across the sky, crowing up a ruckus and bobbing up and down.  They were chasing the largest bird I’ve seen in this area, ever, and I am a native Altadenan and chronic bird watcher.  (And I won’t say how old I am, but that disclaimer should tell you.)

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