Finding Balance Abstractly

Aug 21, 2012

“Separateness Would Be Impossible” by Jo Mann

Cells phone rings can differ from electronic “music” or your favorite song to beeps and trills. The “swoosh” of cars is never far away, or the blare of sirens or helicopters. Even pumping gas no longer allows for a solitary moment as screens mounted atop the gas pump flash images while assorted voices assail you with trivia, sound-bite news, or simply blatant ads.

Our already-crowded brains must fight to withstand today’s constant visual and auditory assaults.

Jo Mann is an artist, born and educated in England, and currently a Pasadena resident. She creates abstract landscapes—with not a soul in site—that “evoke a desire for solitude and escape.”

“The Air Felt Suddenly Shared” by Jo Mann

And yet these landscapes are crowded themselves with found objects, layers of paper and fabric, even stitched details. Somehow, almost despite the busy detail, Mann’s work has a calming effect, a way of restoring our balance in an unbalanced world. Though her colors are bold and vibrant, the consistent compositions calm; this is Mann’s balancing act, and we, the viewer are in balance, having found “substance and simplicity.”

Jo Mann’s show “Silence in Company” can be witnessed throughout the month of September at the Altadena Library Community Room.

“The Weary Are at Rest” by Jo Mann





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