Fifty Shades of Pianissimo & Salsa Is Not Necessarily Sex

Jul 5, 2016

Gian-Carla_Tisera_profileJust these titles make it worth taking a deeper look…

Fifty Shades of Pianissimo

Salsa Is Not Necessarily Sex

Music @ Boston Court presents its Summer Main Stage Series with Piano Spheres’ Vicki Ray, a musical theater extravaganza, “an ear-bending evening including Stockhausen’s magnum opus Kontakte,” and a Bolivian chanteuse. The series opens Friday, July 8.


July 8, 2016
Piano Spheres’ Vicki Ray: Fifty Shades of Pianissimo
Morton Feldman’s dream of mystical contemplation and ecstatic rapture, “For Bunita Marcos” with video illuminations by Clay Chapin. For more details, visit


Pianist Vicki Ray

Pianist Vicki Ray


Piano Spheres was founded in 1994 by pianist Leonard Stein to present the best of contemporary piano music as well as rarely heard treasures from centuries past. Stein, a protégé of Arnold Schoenberg and founding Director of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute, was a champion of new music for more than sixty years, both in Los Angeles and abroad, as pianist, scholar, teacher, and presenter. He selected a group of four of his most adventuresome, new-music-minded former students from the University of Southern California – Gloria Cheng, Vicki Ray, Mark Robson, and Susan Svrček – to mentor as his colleagues in a unique cooperative venture: a concert series presenting five solo piano recitals programmed by each of the five pianists, all of whom share a fierce dedication to new and unusual music. Each pianist has continued to present a yearly Piano Spheres recital since that time. (


Vicki Ray at Piano Spheres; photo by Benjamin Maas/LA Times blog

Vicki Ray at Piano Spheres; photo by Benjamin Maas/LA Times blog


July 9, 2016
Gian-Carla Tisera: Salsa is Not Necessarily Sex
The Bolivian chanteuse extraordinaire (pictured top right and below) brings her Latin band and sensual movements to the Main Stage. For more details, visit




July 15, 2016
People Inside Electronics (P.I.E.): Points of Contact
An ear-bending evening including Stockhausen’s magnum opus Kontakte from one of L.A.’s most adventurous contemporary music organizations. For more details, visit

People Inside Electronics (PIE) is a concert series devoted to the performance and promotion of live electroacoustic music in Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2009, PIEʼs events have been lauded by the LA Times, Sequenza21, LA Opus, the Huffington Post and KPFKʼ s Global Village. (

Pre-show discussion beginning at 7:15


Todd Moellenberg, Colin Horrocks, Scott Worthington, Brian Head, and Ryan Nestor (photos sourced from PIE)

Clockwise, L to R: Todd Moellenberg, Colin Horrocks, Scott Worthington, Ryan Nestor, and Brian Head (photos sourced from PIE)


July 16, 2016
Josh Nelson Band: The Discovery Project
Exploring the past, present, and future of L.A. in music, video, and photo montages of famous places and people in the City of Angels. For more details, visit

Special Event: Guided bike tour of Pasadena with JK Bike Tours—limited availability. One ticket to the concert, $45.

The Discovery Project is an ongoing multi-disciplinary artistic collaboration and presentation. The goal for each unique installation is to create an immersive experience for the audience, utilizing original music compositions and a variety of concrete and abstract moving images projected onto sculptural forms, and subsequently transforming a space entirely. The original concept behind The Discovery Project was conceived alongside pianist/composer’s Josh Nelson’s album release Discoveries (2011). (




July 22, 2016
Hollywood Revisted: A Musical Revue
A musical theater extravaganza from the golden age of Hollywood Musicals including the original costumes used in the films. For more details, visit

Greg Schreiner’s film costume collection houses over 300 masterpieces. Greg shares his collection in the show Hollywood Revisited. Filled with music, memories and fun, the revue allows the audience to genuinely feel as if they were revisiting the days that made Hollywood a dream factory. The wardrobes of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews, Gene Kelly, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Mae West, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Judy Garland are just a few from the vast collection that dazzle the audience.


hollywood-revisted (1)


Hollywood Revisited is much more than a visual treat. Acclaimed vocalists sing and dance to movie-related music while wearing the costumes. Schreiner, a concert pianist, provides all the musical accompaniment and anecdotes about the designer, the movie and scene for each costume. (


Music @ Boston Court Summer Main Stage Series
July 8th through July 22nd
Performances begin at 8pm.
Unless otherwise noted, tickets are $30/$25 Seniors/$20 Students.
To purchase tickets, please visit
Or call 626-683-6883





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