Everything You Touch: Late Nite Salon

Apr 13, 2014

EYT_2Glamorous muse versus Midwestern every-woman.

A protégé versus the masses.

Gorgeous size zero in this corner. (Admiration, envy.)

Likable size 18 in this corner. (Forgettable.)

Jess watches Esme.

Esme does not see Jess.

Boston Court presents Everything You Touch by Sheila Callaghan, directed by Jessica Kubzansky. The play is a world premier co-production with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater.

Victor, fashion designer—described in the script as skinny, odd, dramatic, and chain-smokes—speaks with one of his models after “an amazing fashion show.”

When I’m sitting elbow to elbow at a runway show
I want to see…
Fervor. Wreckage.
When the model spits rage, I want to feel that spittle.
I want to smell your sweat.
I want to taste your bile.
I want my blood to boil.
And I want to feel too overwhelmed after the experience to speak.
This, to me, is the power of fashion.
It’s ugly.
It’s furious.
It creeps into my thoughts long after I’ve gone.
That’s why I design.
I make clothes that are obsessive, anxiety-ridden, fast-talking.…
I love to watch people flail with passionate intention.
I love to watch bodies fabricate themselves.
(Victor, Everything You Touch, Prologue, partial)



Sheila Callaghan’s We Are Not These Hands was called “a very entertaining new comedy” and “comically engaging (and) subversively penetrating” by Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle theater critic. He called Callaghan “an up-and-coming playwright with a distinctive voice.”

Everything You Touch runs through Sunday, May 11th.

Everything You Touch
Thursday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m.
Through Sunday, May 11th
Boston Court, 70 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena
For more info, visit
Or call 626.683.6883

Late Nite Salon:  Friday, April 18th & 25th, May 2nd & 9th. Stay after the show and speak with some of the play’s creative team over a complimentary glass of wine.

Candice Lam is one of the play’s Model Chorus members. She said in an interview that “We saw that in the 70s, the women were more average…weight-wise, and even in height, and they walked in character, not like right now, (where) fashion models walk like hangars—all the same: same hair, same height,…just a display, just a mannequin…”

Adds fellow Model Chorus member Allegra Rose Edwards, “We were talking about how we think it will swing back and the culture will become aware of itself and we start to shame that whole trend of super skinny, boyish bodies of 14-year-olds that are walking up and down these Paris, New York, and Milan runways.”

The Model Chorus

Model Chorus members Candice Lam and Chelsea Fryer



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