Dust Storm in La Cañada

Oct 27, 2009
The sun setting into the dust

The sun setting into the dust

Driving north on the 210 from central Pasadena this afternoon, I saw what looked like another fire — thick brown smoke on top of the clouds. Circumstances wouldn’t allow me to check it out, but before long I heard from my friend Bruce Moision, who works at JPL. He said they were in the middle of a big dust storm, a result of the winds and the fire-bared landscape. He has his friend Matt Klimesh headed for a rooftop and put Matt’s camera to work. Here are a couple of photos.

It’s probably not a good idea to go jogging in west Altadena, northwest Pasadena or La Cañada until this settles down….

Photo by Matt Klimesh and Bruce Moision

Photo by Matt Klimesh and Bruce Moision

1 Response for “Dust Storm in La Cañada”

  1. I don’t know when you hit the dust in LaCF, but here in Pasadena it started up around 5pm and lasted over an hour!



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