Delilah Meets Her Match

Mar 20, 2009

Been awhile, but Delilah is just over five months old. She was 8.6 pounds the day we brought her home and is weighing in at 36 pounds today.  She still has an astonishing amount of energy — happily walking many miles a day, and then making her route in circles around the yard at breakneck (most likely my neck if I get in her way) speed, and then she’s ready to play. But here’s the thing: We wised up and found a great trainer for her, Linda Pham,  who comes three days a week for two hours in the morning, and now we do what Linda does, just not quite as well yet, and it works. Who knew? Delilah can sit, and stay, and down, and drop her ball in front of you instead making you tug it until your shoulder is dislocated. Again, let me remind you, we’ve had wonderful dogs in the past — one of ’em a boxer. But we didn’t get them quite so young, and I was not quite so… mature. So it turns out, Delilah is growing up and is exuberant, and smart and very, very sweet. And here I thought she was the devil disguised as the most adorable puppy on four feet. Turns out, she just needed a little more direction. We love our puppy, and if your puppy or dog needs leash training, or just a better understanding of how to be your family dog, Linda is all about positive reinforcement and sending your dog clear, consistent messages about how to fit in the pack. You’ll find Linda listed in Concierge.  She’s reliable and reasonably priced, and the other morning she showed up with homemade banana bread. Sweet.
— Jill Ganon


Delilah and Linda

Delilah and Linda

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    Thanks…. it’s a mess-in-progress now, but wait until Monday!

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