“Delightfully Strange” Piallat

Jul 17, 2016

12 Tana d1-1_cropWhat started as a career as a travel and documentary photographer evolved into large scale installation-making, blending painting, drawing, and sculpture—and with the elements of light remaining as the primary and key instrument.

Christophe Piallat was born in Queens, New York in 1970 and followed his artistic desires—camera in hand—while in his early 20s. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology, then his MFA in photography and installation at San Francisco Art Institute in 2009.

Piallat has created “land art” installations in Taos Gorge and Canyonlands National Park, as well as participated in biennales in Greece and The Netherlands.




Piallat’s work comes to the Los Angeles area for the first time with the installation “What Lies Inside, Stays Inside” at Canterbury Records in Pasadena.

Using foil, paper, wood and plastic to manipulate light in his own unique way, Piallat constructs installations that reflect on his photographic skill and often takes on a geographical form. Piallat uses his limitless imagination to reorder light and transform ordinary materials into illusory layers of structure and imagery. Standing before the work, viewers have described a sense of simultaneous fragility and intense strength, emanating from these large scale installations. (Official text)




Canterbury Records on Colorado Boulevard, just west of Lake Avenue—with the wonderfully dated signage—hosts the Piallat installation. CBS L. A. included Canterbury in its 2013 article “A Guide to the Last Surviving Record Stores Around L. A.”

As one of Pasadena’s only places to get vinyl, Canterbury has hundreds of thousands of titles on hand, including many rarely cataloged big band, vocal, show, jazz & classical titles. Other extensive sections including blues, theatre organ, country, folk, and world music and virtually anything else that you can think of. (CBS LA)

So head in for some early Bowie on 1966 or guitarist Willie Walker’s little known masterpiece “South Carolina Rag” on The Rough Guide to East Coast Blues and step into Christophe Pallet’s world of light, shapes, texture, and color.


What Lies Inside, Stays Inside
Canterbury Records
805 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91101
Hours: 3-9 p.m., weekdays through October 1st
For more info, visit event Facebook page




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