Clint Eastwood & Chair in La Cañada

Sep 10, 2012

Just when the jokes about Clint Eastwood and the empty chair started to be replaced by jokes about Bill Clinton’s verbosity, many of us who travel the 2 Freeway in the La Cañada/Glendale area are taking in a visual version of the joke every day. A few days ago, morning commuters used to seeing the life-size cardboard cutout of Clint Eastwood in cowboy gear in the San  Rafael Hills scrub were greeted with two guerrilla-art additions: an artistic rendition of a chair, mounted in a sturdy, relatively permanent way on Clint’s left (to match the RNC schtick), and an actual chair, plopped down on his right.

We at Hometown Pasadena happen to know the crafty folks behind the chair installation, which is why we have the photo below taken from the Pasadena workshop of one of the pranksters. They wish to remain anonymous, and so it shall be, but we can say that they work at a place now getting daily global attention for the remote piloting of a small vehicle. Even geniuses need to blow off a little creative steam every now and then.

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