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Oct 7, 2009

tradespeople-300x303Okay, greater Pasadenans — and yes, we mean you up in Altadena and you down in South Pas and you over in Eagle Rock or Sierra Madre — we want you to know about a resource that until now has been too hidden on our site.

It’s called Concierge, and it’s basically Angie’s List, except better, because:
A) It’s totally free — you don’t have to subscribe or pay; and
B) The people recommended are ones we’ve had personal experiences with.

Here’s the link:

Need a plumber, painter or electrician? A tree trimmer or gardener? How about a dermatologist or dentist? Or a florist? Or a graphic designer? Or a vet? Or a photographer? Or a car mechanic? Or a beekeeper, letterpress printer or tile re-creator?

Trust us, you will need one of these people before long. And so we’re sharing our favorites — who have not paid to be our favorites — all in the name of building a better community. Because that’s what inspired us to produce the first Hometown Pasadena book.

— Colleen, Sandy, Mel, Jill, Mary Jane et al.

3 Responses for “Check Out Our Concierge”

  1. Skylar says:

    Is there a masseuse in that list? Anyone have someone to recommend?

  2. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    Hey Skylar, we’re still tinkering and just added an in-home massage therapist (she’s great!) and a wonderful bargain foot-massage place. Check it out!

  3. Troy Corley says:

    Love this concierge idea! We’ve posted a link to it on our site.



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