Bill Cosby for Valentine’s Day

Feb 9, 2014

bill_cosbyWhether you have a lover on your arm or you’re going solo, spending Valentine’s Day with Bill Cosby will only lead to sore cheeks from smiling and a sore stomach from laughing—and those are indicators of time well spent.

Bill Cosby will be performing at the Pasadena Civic on Friday, February 14th. Only a few seats are still available.

It was because of my father that from the ages of seven to fifteen, I though that my name was Jesus Christ and my brother, Russell, though that his name was Dammit. “Dammit, will you stop all that noise?” And, “Jesus Christ, sit down!” One day, I’m out playing in the rain and my father yelled, “Dammit, will you get back in here!” I said, “Dad, I’m Jesus Christ!”

Bill Cosby at the Pasadena Civic
Friday, Feb. 14th, 8 p.m.
Pasadena Civic
Tickets:  $39-$75
For complete info, visit or call 626.449.7360




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