Art Night 2013

Oct 7, 2013
"Paysages Verticaux" by Valérie Daval

“Paysages Verticaux” by Valérie Daval

Born in Normandy and having spent her childhood years in Limousin and Brittany, artist Valérie Daval now calls Pasadena home.

“A unique color and gesture spring from each of us,” she states. Her works can be as large as 9 by 13 feet or as small as 4 by 8 inches, but they all seem to be inspired by her memories of places, people, and even animals she has observed. Daval will have her work featured at Alliance Française on Friday, October 11th, during Art Night Pasadena.

Boston Court presents its 6th Annual Art Show featuring Southern California visual artists such as John David O’Brien. “The rationale for (his) work is to decipher and re-imagine the things in the world and put them into an expanded context where their normal use is bracketed, while other levels of meaning are formulated.”

"dis-place (meant)" by John O'Brien

“dis-place (meant)” by John O’Brien

Not to be outshone by the adults, artWORKS Teen Center will open their space for free family art-making workshops and showcase a jazz trio, aerosol pieces by students, digital storytelling, 3-D mixed media, and silkscreening. Kidspace “collaborates with creativity and tinkering through a knitted participatory installation, spinning topper art, drawbots, doodle races, and performances beyond the imagination.”


ArtWORKS Teen Center

The Art Center, Armory, Norton Simon Museum, Pacific Asia Museum, Offramp Gallery, PMCA, and the Museum of History will all be open to the public.

Music will fill the air with “a counter-conventional concert that will blend orchestra and hip-hop” by MUSE/IQUE on the plaza of the Convention Center; live music in the courtyard of One Colorado; live music and dance at Lineage Dance Company across from Central Park; and “a kinetic evening of dance works and dialogue with artists” by Pennington Dance Group at A Room to Create.

Pennington Dance Group

Pennington Dance Group

For something completely different, find your way to Side Street Projects vacant lot in between Church’s Fried Chicken and an abandoned Victorian house at 730 N. Fair Oaks Avenue. Their project: Psychic Barber.

After an “encounter” with a neon sign of the same name, the artists collective called Finishing School pondered the unknown—even consulting a psychic—and were ultimately transformed. This project is their way of sharing their experience with the public. The result is “embodied within their new sculpture…a participatory architectural form constructed on the site of a razed barbershop.

Finishing School will staff the sculpture with hair stylists and barbers who also possess a psychic gift to perform for willing members of the public. The psychic barbers will give free psychic readings and create a new hairstyle for the participant that reflects the insight gained through the experience.


Schedule your time accordingly as Psychic Barber runs only 6-8 p.m. (We guess you should be clear-headed when you embark on such a prescient journey, so maybe cocktails should wait until after insights and a new “do” are revealed.)

Side Street Projects is “part of a growing alternative practice of artists who operate outside the gallery system by working inside communities.” They also have their fleet, The Armadillo (an old FEMA trailer) and the Woodworking Buses, for their mobile art education classes called Alternate Routes.

Free shuttles stop at every venue on ArtNight, while ARTS Route 10 is the bus that runs along Colorado Boulevard and Green Street until 8 p.m. also has their annual ArtNight Pasadena Ride (6:30 p.m. at Memorial Park).

Don Chow Tacos, Heirloom Catering, Mandoline Grill, India Jones, The Mighty Boba, Paradise, Pie ‘N Burger, Coolhaus, Waffles de Liege, and Slammin’ Sliders will be selling munchies, meals, and desserts at various venues. Check ArtNight’s website for exact locations.

Art Night Pasadena
Friday, Oct. 11th
All over Pasadena

"Playa del Rey" by Quinton Bemiller at Offramp Gallery

“Playa del Rey” by Quinton Bemiller at Offramp Gallery





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