Adorable Goats: Yummy Chevre

May 27, 2012

Cooling roasted coffee beans; photo by Betty Hallock

Adorable goats; yummy chevre. Wild yeast; crispy crusts. Grab a blender; make some mustard. Macerate some berries; spread some jam.

Making cheese, baking your own bread, creating your own signature mustard, and preserving your berry bounty for up to a year—this is what lays in store if you sign up for Foodcrafting 101 on June 16th at Joseph Shuldiner’s Institute of Domestic Technology.

if you’d like to narrow your focus, choose Milkcrafting 101, 102, and 103 for cheese making. Now, don’t go thinking it will be four hours of making chevre and you’ll be driving away with a miniscule dollop of chevre.

In class 101, held at the  Mariposa Creamery on the grounds of the historic Zane Grey Estate, you will learn how to make yogurt, kefir, crème fraiche, paneer, traditional whey ricotta, and—oh, yeah—fresh chevre. Also included in the price of the class ($225) are all ingredients and supplies, as well as a prepared lunch and beverages. Class 102 teaches the fashioning of camembert, Mariposa Bijou, cottage cheese, and mozzarella. Milkcrafting 103 emphasizes the aging and rind development of hard cheeses, using Gouda as the example, then moves on to making butter and buttermilk.

For coffee lovers, there’s a 2-hour class (June 9th) that teaches you how to taste the various flavors and attributes of a quality coffee, how to properly brew a smashing cup of coffee, and how to roast your beans with a “up-purposed Whirly-pop stovetop roaster” (whatever that means!).

IDT’s mission is “to reignite the passion of how we make food, the ingredients we source, and the farms on which they originate.”

Photo courtesy of fudgeripple.blogspot

Sign us up!

Institute of Domestic Technology Summer Classes
Coffee Roasting: Saturday, June 6, 1o a.m.-noon
Foodcrafting 101: Saturday, June 16
Milkcrafting 101: Saturday, July 14
Foodcrafting 102: Saturday, August 11
Milkcrafting 102: Saturday, August 18
Milkcrafting 103: Saturday, September 29
For complete info, visit Institute of Domestic Technology



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