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Come Home Instantly! Part 3

Come Home Instantly! Part 3
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In Part 2 of “Come Home Instantly!,” Eva and Adalbert Fenyes, our traveling Pasadenans, sailed home from Europe just days before a succession of political and military threats and ultimatums kindled the world’s Great War. Fortunately for the Fenyeses, they arrived safely in New York on July 29, 1914, the day after Austria-Hungary declared war on […]

The Traveling World War I Exhibition

The Traveling World War I Exhibition

Do you have Groundhog Day plans? No? We do: stopping by the Traveling World War I Exhibition, which, best we can tell, is housed in a big rig that will be parked just above City Hall, on Thurgood Marshall Street. Pasadena is stop #33 on a 75-city tour, which is a lot of cities. The […]


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