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Tamra Fago’s Cru Moderne: Haute Hats

Tamra Fago’s Cru Moderne: Haute Hats
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We remember when we first walked into Camille DePedrini on Mission Street in South Pasadena and began looking closely at the clothes on display. The fabrics, the stitching, the beads, buttons, and trim were masterful and exquisite. Revealing her own artistic finesse, Tamra Fago of Cru Moderne will be exhibiting her collection of hand-formed, haute […]

Hats! Women’s Hats! Lots of Them!

Hats! Women’s Hats! Lots of Them!

Hats—what are they good for? Well, they offer protection from the elements. And they can be quite fashionable, of course. And, perhaps most importantly, they serve as fairly prominent symbols of socio-economic status (honestly, what doesn’t these days?). If you’ve ever been curious about these sorts of things as they pertain to hats, especially women’s […]


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