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Dream of You

Dream of You

There’s nothing written in the stars, I’ve not experienced the beyond; there’s only this ache in my heart but that will be gone, when I’m gone. There’s only lost thoughts in the air, random emotions haunting me. There’s only sadness and despair; I’m swimming in a lonely sea. I cannot spot that peaceful shore where […]

Glendale Summer Camp: Vox Box Art for Kids

Glendale Summer Camp: Vox Box Art for Kids

We heard about this summer camp from artist Patricia Krebs who often shows her work at Cactus Gallery and was exhibiting with Flintridge Bookstore at Saturday’s 2nd Annual LitFest Pasadena. Along with Estela Garcia and under the direction of Janice Markham, Krebs will be teaching the Arts & Theatre Workshop for the Vox Box Art Collective. […]


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