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9th Circuit Court of Appeals

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
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Starting life as a guest house, expanding into the very grand Vista del Arroyo Hotel, and procured by the federal government during World War II, this grand building is now the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Heading west on the 134 Freeway, the Colorado Street Bridge¬†and this Marston and Van Pelt-designed former hotel are […]

9th Circuit Court Mystery History

9th Circuit Court Mystery History

What is this? What’s happening here? Editor’s Note: please welcome the second installment of Ann Erdman’s “Mystery History” column, where she provides the seldom known details of locally historical photographs. One of Ann’s readers, Wanda, guessed correctly: “Guests are enjoying their stay at the Arroyo Vista Guest House, which later became the Vista del Arroyo […]


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