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Strike of Lightning

Strike of Lightning
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Strike of Lightning by Patricia Wells McMillan Like a strike of lightning – zap! cars, colours, people, architecture: what’s going on around me, makes me very excited HAVE to take that shot, Love to experiment and just see what happens. Life is short, so what the hell. My motto is Just have fun. Throwing “scared” […]

Ferraris on Colorado

Ferraris on Colorado

The official website states that Ferrari was “born” in 1947. Not that it was founded, established, or created, but born. Then again, when one has engineered the 250 GTO, which is considered “one of the most famous cars in history,” “legendary” models like the 275 and Daytona, and the Testarossa, “one of the most iconic […]

The San Marino Motor Classic

San Marino, one might reasonably assume, has more than its fair share of beautiful classic cars. Per capita. So does Pasadena, if the recent Old Town Ferrari Show is any indication (not that all Ferraris are classics, but you know what we mean). Even if you’re not what is known in the culture as a […]

Father’s Day PoPo Car Show

Father’s Day PoPo Car Show

Real men like cars. Ipso facto, the object of your Father’s Day celebrating will enjoy the Pasadena Police Department’s ninth annual classic car show. Roughly 100 hot rods and vintage rides will be on display, some from as far back as 1900. There will also be live music, a raffle, food booths and an auction […]


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