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Andrew Lloyd Webber Meets Puccini

Andrew Lloyd Webber Meets Puccini
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One of today’s most prolific modern musical theater composers and one of the most prolific composers in the history of opera. Webber and Puccini. The┬áCalifornia Philharmonic‘s Andrew Lloyd Webber Meets Puccini-themed concert with Maestro Victor Vener is hitting the racetrack this Saturday, July 13th. Soprano Lori Stinson, dramatic tenor Christopher Campbell, and bass baritone Cedric […]

The Nutcracker Swings!

The Nutcracker Swings!

And boy does it ever. Christmas is a musical holiday, maybe the most musical of all. It’s been celebrated in many genres, from rock (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, anyone?) to techno, to, of course, classical. There’s something about jazz, though, that makes for a really special holiday feeling. If you want to share in that feeling, and […]


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