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Roasted Beet & Lentil Burger

Roasted Beet & Lentil Burger
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Even though nothing compares to actual burgers, in my mind, I really loved this sandwich—filling, yet I still felt light after eating it.   Fridge: 2 cups roasted beets, cubed 1½ cups lentils, cooked 1 Tbs Italian parsley, minced Counter: Zest of ½ lemon Juice of ½ lemon (approx. 1½ tbs) Pantry: 2½ Tbs flour […]

The Unburger Burger

The Unburger Burger

The humble veggie burger, oft maligned by carnivores, loved by vegetarians… it’s a burger but not a burger. For vegetarians (myself among them) who miss some of the trappings of “real” burgers, but not the meat itself, veggie burgers are a staple. I am always searching for the new and different — anything but those […]


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