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Twist-An American Musical

Twist-An American Musical
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The Pasadena Playhouse stormed back onto the scene this year and rounds out this season’s schedule with Twist, a new American musical inspired by the Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist. If Saturday night’s SRO opening is any indication, this show will be a quick sellout and on its way to Broadway in no time—so see it now and […]

The Playhouse Twist

The Playhouse Twist

It’s a simple inevitability in this day and age: everything that can be turned into a musical, eventually, will. Exhibit A: Spider-Man. Exhibit B: The Book of Mormon. Exhibit C: Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, or Twist, which starts preview showings at the Pasadena Playhouse tomorrow. It moves the Dickens story to New Orleans in 1928, […]


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