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Patricia Krebs’ “Sense (Sentido)”

Patricia Krebs’ “Sense (Sentido)”
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  Patricia Krebs grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she received her degrees as Professor of Fine Arts and in Contemporary Visual Arts. She moved to Southern California in 2001 and works full-time as a freelance multimedia artist. Patricia has illustrated and designed over a dozen children’s picture books, builds puppets and objects for theater […]

Frogtown Artwalk & Cactus Gallery Pop Up

Frogtown Artwalk & Cactus Gallery Pop Up

Once again, we’re pushing the boundaries of San Gabriel Valley, but how can we not when this Saturday’s the 8th annual Frogtown Artwalk? The three As (a rip off of the three Rs concept) are artists, artisans, and architects. These creators, inventors and explorers of Elysian Valley (a.k.a. Frogtown) inhabit the industrial buildings that run […]


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