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Difficulties with Toys? Ask Dr. Toy

Difficulties with Toys? Ask Dr. Toy
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Ever have that grandchild, nephew, niece or even your own son or daughter who’s just a wee bit picky or particular or particularly focused? Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., otherwise known as Dr. Toy, is hoping to help solve your dilemma. Dr. Auerbach has “dedicated a lifetime to the importance of play, and evaluating, toys, games, and […]

Dinosaur Farm

Dinosaur Farm

Our kids may be too old for toys now, but they still get misty-eyed when we pass this South Pas destination, where we bought so many birthday presents back in the day. Owner David Plenn has kept the store as fresh as ever, mixing the kid-staple basics (Legos, Thomas the Tank Engine, storybooks) with a […]


Flintridge Books

Colorado Street Bridge Party

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