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Nosferatu, Accompanied

Nosferatu, Accompanied
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Brandt Sponseller of Classic-Horror writes that “nosferatu” is a modernization of a Slavic term, which is itself a modernization of the Greek “nosophoros,” or “plague carrier.” Director Freidrich Wilhelm Murnau, in the 1922 classic silent film Nosferatu, embraces this idea, having his Orlock (Dracula) appear rather rat-like with pointed teeth, nose, and those famously pointed […]

Eclectic Organ

Eclectic Organ

Sometimes we wonder how people can manage to do and be so many things within the constraints of a lifetime, let alone a 24-hour day. Organist Timothy Howard will be giving a free “eclectic recital of music from five centuries” on Saturday, March 15th, at Pasadena Presbyterian Church. He will be assisted by guest artists […]


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