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Three Cheers for Real Local Journalism

Three Cheers for Real Local Journalism
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We had to share colleague Timothy Rutt’s post today about on his invaluable site, And as part of that, we’re re-running the photo we took when we profiled him on—because now he’s more of a hyperlocal superhero than ever. It’s damn hard to turn down a cash-paying job in this day and […]

Timothy Rutt, Altadenablog

Timothy Rutt, Altadenablog

Given his devotion to Altadena, you might think that Timothy Rutt, writer/editor/chief bottlewasher at, was a native. In fact, he hails from Fort Collins, Colorado, and he found his way to California the way so many do — seeking success in the entertainment industry. After earning a journalism degree from the University of Colorado, […]


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