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Terror at the Fremont Theatre

Terror at the Fremont Theatre
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In 1983 a small film crew entered the Fremont Theater to conduct a paranormal investigation… Nearly 30 years later, their footage was found… They were not. The investigators are gone, but the terror is not… Enter the world of deranged Maxwell Wyczeck, who was believed to have burned to death on October 27, 1963, in […]

Best Loved Love Scenes from the Bard

Best Loved Love Scenes from the Bard

What better way to welcome summer than to buy some fresh ciabatta, soft cheeses, a few slices of sopressata, and a bottle of pinot grigio, then pack it all up with some napkin-covered wine glasses, some plates, and a good bread knife and head over to Farnsworth Park to watch…Lovers. The California Shakespeare Ensemble members […]


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