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Petrea, Finnegan, & Des

Petrea, Finnegan, & Des
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Three local authors, Petrea Burchard, Margaret Finnegan, and Desiree Zamorano will bring their experiences, insights, inspirations, and humor to an authors’ panel on Monday, January 13th, at Crowell Public Library in San Marino. Margaret Finnegan’s novel The Goddess Lounge turns Homer’s The Odyssey inside out.…Finnegan’s heroine Penne (“named for a noodle”) tells her story in a smart, yet harried […]

Margaret Finnegan’s “The Goddess Lounge”

Margaret Finnegan’s “The Goddess Lounge”

Margaret Finnegan’s novel The Goddess Lounge turns Homer’s The Odyssey inside out. I know this not because I’ve read The Odyssey, but because I read its Wikipedia page. You don’t have to be familiar with Homer to laugh your way through Finnegan’s tale, but if you’re an Odyssey scholar (as is Finnegan), you’ll find her […]


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