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Get Your Voice—and Words—Out There

Get Your Voice—and Words—Out There
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Getting your voice out there. You may not know I’m a voice actor. For a word lover like me it’s the best job ever! I have a home studio that looks like a giant Tardis in its PJs. In September, I visited North Dakota for Anime Fargo. I didn’t see any desperate criminals (that I know of), just […]

Human Cargo

Human Cargo

A smart, sexy detective; a case involving a mysterious, wealthy American and the Russian Mafia; danger, romance and pathos: it’s local, and our hero is a heroine. In a fast-paced detective novel, Human Cargo (2011) by Des Zamorano, gives us flashes of Dashiell Hammett with a style all her own. Instead of Sam Spade we have […]


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