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The Tiger’s Wife

The Tiger’s Wife
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The Tiger’s Wife is an enigmatic, involving tale of life in the Balkans (the actual country is coyly, and rightly, never named). Interweaving the contemporary experience of Natalia, a young doctor, with that of her grandfather and, by extension, an unbroken line of folk memory stretching into the distant past, this first novel by Téa […]

Tea Obreht (The Tiger’s Wife) at Vroman’s

Tea Obreht (The Tiger’s Wife) at Vroman’s

The Tiger’s Wife was one of the best reviewed books of 2011, a commercial and critical success that garnered effusive praise from pretty much everybody, including Vroman’s head book buyer. Its author, a young whippersnapper (born in ’85) from Belgrade by the name of Tea Obreht, will be at Vroman’s not this Wednesday but the […]


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