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Cosmic Thunder: Taiko Drumming

Cosmic Thunder: Taiko Drumming
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Taiko is “drum” in Japanenese—“great drum” or “wide drum” specifically, though the word is now used to refer to several different Japanese drums. Taiko have been around since the Yayoi Period (300 B.C.E. – 300 C.E.), and they play an important role in Gagaku, one of the oldest styles of court music still in existence […]

The Art of the Spoken Word

The Art of the Spoken Word

Pasadena’s continuing growth as a haven and showcase for artists will be made clear on Saturday at an all-day, totally free event called ARTTalk, hosted by the Playhouse District Association and Boston Court Performing Arts Center. This celebration of the spoken word (with some music and dance for good measure) will bring a new performer […]


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