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Wonderful Water: A Neighborhood Fest

Wonderful Water: A Neighborhood Fest

Once upon a time… It all began with butterflies. The Butterfly Fair, in fact. “Then we went underground for the Wiggly Worm Fair.” Now, The Farmer’s Yard, Northwest Pasadena Community Gardeners, and the Trailer Trash Project presents “Wonderful Water” on November 15th. Appropriately for a day of water appreciation, everyone is welcome to come and “enjoy […]

Take a Nibble: It’s Yours

Take a Nibble: It’s Yours

For two years, Pasadena Community Gardens has worked towards creating “eco-friendly, edible, and sustainable community gardens.” Ground breaks on the site of former California Governor Henry Harrison Markham’s ranch house on Pasadena Avenue, north of Bellefontaine Street. The event on Saturday, June 9th, from 9 a.m.-noon, will be the kickoff for a $80,000 fundraising campaign. […]


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