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Strawberry Yellow: A Mas Arai Mystery

Strawberry Yellow: A Mas Arai Mystery
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Strawberry Yellow (excerpt) by Naomi Hirahara   Shug Arai didn’t have any shoulders, or at least it looked like he didn’t have any. So when Mas Arai peered into the statin-lined casket to gaze at the body of his second cousin, one of the few relatives that he had in the United States, he was […]

Naomi Hirahara of “Strawberry Yellow”

Naomi Hirahara of “Strawberry Yellow”

Fifteen years. Fifteen bloody years. It took that much time for a seed of a novel to germinate, grow, and be mowed down over and over again. I finally became a debut novelist at the age of forty-one. So shares local author Naomi Hirahara, talking about the laborious journey to get her first manuscript written […]


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