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Loving the 626, Fung Brothers Style

Loving the 626, Fung Brothers Style
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Three cheers for SGV entertainers and video makers the Fung Brothers for this terrific music-video shout-out to the joys of the 626. Sorry, Altadena, they don’t mean you: This love goes out to the south end, where the good food and late-night café action live: Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Rosemead and even El Monte. […]



This architecturally dramatic space—a small glass-walled dining room and larger open-air patio set off by fifteen-foot-tall laser-cut steel panels modeled on Thai fabrics—is perfectly suited to the wonderful Thai street food, which is, after all, intended to be eaten outdoors. You’ll find dishes you won’t find elsewhere in town, like the crispy, addictive corn cakes, […]


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