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Launching LitFest Pasadena

Launching LitFest Pasadena
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Book ’em. No, wait, that’s not what we meant (no handcuffs are involved). It’s books. Literally. And literary. And singing. For books. March 17th, 2012 is bookmarked (see?!) for the first—hopefully, soon to be foremost—LitFest Pasadena. As that is only five months away and counting, to get the party started, our historic, integral Castle Green […]

A Private Evening with the Father of Slam

A Private Evening with the Father of Slam

Marc Kelly Smith is the father of Slam Poetry as it is practiced today in a thousand dimly lit cafes across the country. It all began in 1987 at the Green Mill Tavern in Chicago, where Smith built an audience for the performative, competitive, communal, overtly rhythmic style of oral versifying that has so successfully […]


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