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2016 Showcase Peek

2016 Showcase Peek
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There are still a few tarps here and there, a plastic chair that’s obviously not part of the final staging, an empty light switch looking for a new cover, and a massive “something” waiting to  be unwrapped and displayed near the outdoor pool and putting green. Other than those few dangling threads, the 2016 Showcase […]

Showcase House in La Cañada

Showcase House in La Cañada

And what a show it is. Holy moly (yes, this will be the tone of this post, can’t help it, fresh from the tour, brain still buzzing). If you’re intrigued, amused, or even disdainful of how the 1% live, get your ticket and go. This tour is fascinating, inspirational, amusing and just dreamy. We’d go […]


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