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Artists Selling Art to Support LACHSA

Artists Selling Art to Support LACHSA
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Armory Center for the Arts is hosting “Tight Squeeze,” an exhibit—and sale—by 60+ local and Los Angeles artists to support LACHSA, the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. We and our HP teenage contributor know quite a few talented young men and women who have attended and currently attend this unique facility for […]

Joan Quinn Captured

Joan Quinn Captured

Another reason we support the local creative endeavor of Inside the Story by sisters Susan Cherney and Wendy Moss: covering their fascinating Art & Alchemy of Perfume event back in March 2013, we met Laura Kane who has remembered Hometown Pasadena and informed us of an art exhibit that sounds particularly interesting and unique. The exhibition ‘Joan […]

Fairey, Conal, Maruska, & Bernal: Make a Bid

Fairey, Conal, Maruska, & Bernal:  Make a Bid

Blue by Jorge Bernal is available for a mere $100 opening bid. Lean toward numbers with Checking Account by Margie Schnibbe or opt for the serviceable with Black Tea teapots by Sharon Mann. If positive and negative abstraction holds your attention, look at Joseph Maruska‘s Green Emerald. Enjoy artwork that makes you smile and has […]

Shepard Fairey. Samella. BPP. Mandela

Shepard Fairey. Samella. BPP. Mandela

“Revolution’s just another word for change,” former Black Panther Party members Gene Washington and Hank Jones (one of the San Francisco 8) say almost simultaneously. “But people are afraid of change.” And so it was in late 1967 or early ’68 when Hank Jones decided to sign up to join the Black Panther Party for […]


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