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Culinary Historians

Culinary Historians
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They are “dedicated to pursuing food history and supporting culinary collections.” The Culinary Historians of Southern California was founded in 1995 as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Public Library. Today, 250 women and men—chefs, writers, academics, product purveyors, restaurateurs, as well as people in the fields of entertainment, business, and culture—”have fun learning about […]

Blood & Dumplings

Blood & Dumplings

L.A.’s favorite quirky-historic tour company, Esotouric, returns to the San Gabriel Valley this weekend for its popular Blood & Dumplings tour, hosted in conjunction with Vroman’s Bookstore. Departing from Vroman’s at noon on Saturday, the bus adventure cruises Alhambra, Temple City, Monterey Park, Rosemead and El Monte, with a stop for a picnic of dumplings […]


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