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Sam Francis: Inside the Story

Sam Francis: Inside the Story
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Abstract expressionism. Monochromatic abstractions. Richly-colored murals. Lots of white space. The “Blue Balls” series. Minimal color and strong lines. “Fresh Air” pictures. Etchings, lithographs, and monotypes. Native Californian and artist Sam Francis was a busy man. From the early 50s until his death in 1994, Francis explored his creativity—his influences fluid, paralleling his life experiences, […]

Sam Francis in Context

Sam Francis in Context

Abstract Expressionist paintings are the kind of things that need to be seen to be believed — as in, before you see one up close and personal, it’s hard to believe that anyone could care about something that a toddler could paint. And then you see one, a big Pollock, say, and it clicks: “Oh.” […]


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