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Music, Singing, Dancing—Harmony & Hooligans

Music, Singing, Dancing—Harmony & Hooligans
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The world—the beauty—of form, harmony, melody, and emotion may be found in numerous places this weekend. It will be difficult to pick, but here’s a rundown of some options…   Wednesday, Feb. 18th: The Threepenny Opera: (Official text) Before performance art and Cabaret, Brecht and Weill stretched the limits of theatre in a dark, daring, […]

Support the Coffee Gallery!

Support the Coffee Gallery!

If you pay much attention to local bureaucratic outrages, you’ve probably heard rumblings about the Coffee Gallery Backstage’s problems with the county, which have worked themselves out, sort of: the county isn’t going to shut them down, but because the CGB is in a mixed-use area, they need a conditional use permit, which means they […]


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