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Georgie Kajer, Architect

Georgie Kajer, Architect
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Georgie Kajer has had her own firm since 1989, specializing in residential architecture. In that time, Kajer Architects has handled the minor (re-designing friends’ laundry rooms in the early years), the major (Pasadena Showcase House architect of record, 2003) and everything in between. Georgie graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and went solo after commercial architecture […]

Wood & Bones: Chronicle of a Cottage, Part 7

Wood & Bones: Chronicle of a Cottage, Part 7

We began skinning the interior of the house today. I enjoy this part. It’s fast work if you don’t mind a little dust — and, in our case, quite a bit of mold. Mold can be beautiful to look at. Contrary to what some dishonest mold remediation specialists will lead you to believe, it’s relatively harmless — unless, like my wife, you are allergic to it. While no one wants it in their house, it’s often only skin deep and can be killed easily.


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