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Over the Moon & Under the Stars

Over the Moon & Under the Stars
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We admit we publish a lot of pieces promoting exhibits at the Cactus Gallery. This is because we continue to be enamored of the variety of works that the artists create and the varied exhibitions that Cactus owner Sandra Mastroianni produces. From Tiny Treasures, Dollmakers, and Birdly Delights to Day of the Dead and ¡Loteria!, […]

A Cactus Birthday

A Cactus Birthday

For nine years Sandra Mastroianni has been hanging and hustling, organizing and managing, networking and promoting. Her outlet:  Cactus Gallery. Her motivation:  to exhibit and sell traditional, outsider, and folk art; loyally promoting and supporting the artists who create it. Names you’ve heard before in these pages, such as Mavis Leahy, Janet Olenik, Oscar Rosales, […]


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