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Old Pasadena Film Festival, Terminus

Old Pasadena Film Festival, Terminus
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It’s the last week of the Old Pasadena Film Festival, which is a shame, because few things are as pleasurable as sitting outside on a warm summer evening, watching a movie. And there are some good ones this week: Napoleon Dynamite on Thursday, What’s Up, Doc? and Vicky Cristina Barcelona on Friday, and a Streetcar Named Desire and Psycho on Saturday. Click here for specific locations and […]

5th Annual Old Pasadena Film Fest

5th Annual Old Pasadena Film Fest

Starting July 5th, Old Pasadena Management offers 20 films to be viewed in the great outdoors under the night sky. Thursdays through Saturdays until July 28th, Central Park on Raymond Avenue, the local travel shop Distant Lands, and One Colorado will host an evening at the movies. There will be cult classics like Whatever Happened […]


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