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It’s Heeeere! (Queue the Spooky Music)

It’s Heeeere! (Queue the Spooky Music)
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“You go.” “No, you go first.” “Well, maybe, we’ll just let these kids go ahead of us.” “Maybe, I’ll see you back at the car.” “Scaredy-cat.” “Then, you go.” “No, you go.” Does this exchange sound familiar? That’s right. It must be Halloween. We stopped by as Ken Shaw lumbered out of his garage, not […]

The Portals of Prospect Boulevard

The Portals of Prospect Boulevard

In 1906, developers laid out a new Pasadena tract called Prospect Park (forever in Brooklyn’s shadow) and hired young architect Sylvanus Marston to design clinker-brick portals to connote the entrance to the neighborhood’s main street. Ninety-three years later, Prospect Park Pistol (an understatement if there ever was one) and Pasadena Beautiful board memberĀ Emina Darakjy muscled […]


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