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A Jeanne Kelley Fall Salad—Perfect for…Now!

A Jeanne Kelley Fall Salad—Perfect for…Now!
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Figs are in. Now. Right this minute. Author and food writer Jeanne Kelley has wonderfully, incredibly, marvelously (are those enough superlatives?) offered to share a Fall salad recipe with Hometown Pasadena readers. She reports though that this is a time-sensitive recipe. Figs are currently in season and it appears this window doesn’t last long. Our […]

A Picnic for Mom

A Picnic for Mom

Everyone knows you’re supposed to take Mom out for brunch on Mother’s Day, right? But going out for brunch on this particular Sunday is like going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day — it’s amateur hour. You’re just begging for overpriced “special” menus and crowds. Instead, consider picking up food from some of our favorite […]


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