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Extraordinary Focus

Extraordinary Focus
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A bookmark series, “sewing” pixels together, the immediacy of clay, and a hallucinatory “on the road.” So is described the works by Fred Stickler, Desiree Engel, and DA Ward. Paintings by DA Ward, in his own words – with Hippy Dream #9 (right): “These past few years, I’ve been reworking a motif that marks my […]

Who Knew Californians Love Pig Racing?

Who Knew Californians Love Pig Racing?

Besides giving us a blessed three days off, Labor Day weekend brought the opening of the L.A. County Fair. I love the fair, always have. I love the looks on city faces when they realize how big a pig really is. I love the pointlessness of putting everything on a stick, of deep frying everything […]


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